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10 Week Marathon Training Programs

10 Week Marathon Training Programs

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Do you need help with your marathon training? Have you signed up for a race but aren't sure how you should plan your training? Don't worry – we are here to help!
We have created 3 different training programs that will help you on the way, and it doesn't matter if your goal is to finish your first marathon or to set a new personal record. If you are unsure which of the 3 categories you should choose, you can read more below.


You are aiming to finish your first marathon. This is the first time you are going for such a big target and you are relatively new to running. In the beginning of the program we will be getting your body used to training on a regular basis, but at the end we will get you ready to take on this challenge.


You have been running for some time and now you're addicted to that runners high! You might already have finished your first marathon and now you are aiming for a new personal best and cut some minutes of your last races, but need some help on the way. 


Can we even help you any more? You are now mainly focused on increasing your PB. Running is now an obsession and you are looking for details to increase your performance. You want some professional help to take the next step, and this is where we step in!


Be Your Best

PS: If you are still unsure about which program to choose, or want more information about the different programs, you are always welcome to send us an email. If you have made an order but feel you have chosen the wrong program, and want to change level, you can also send us an e-mail and we will help you get a different program.

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